Saturday, September 6, 2008

Canadian Infantry 1943-1945

When a set reminds you of picking up a brand new box of plastic miniatures; then that set is equidistantly ideal.

1)Accuracy : 5 - As usual Maple-Leaf-Warrior has drawn another set of Canadians. Its great to see them getting more accurate and detailed in the process. I do not doubt any accuracy on these figures so we can move on.

2)Design : 5 - As a set it is superb in its design. There is variance, Mud, bases, and grit. It seems to understand that modern warfare isn't a bunch of guys lined up with spit shined boots! These soldiers look like they've been slogging their way through Italy. There are also backsides on this set which gives them even extra added detail.

3)Standard : 5 - While there is more detail to these it will easily fit into other sets with in the WW2 section.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - While nothing spec2tacular and new the set is unique in its design. It is clear that the designer has put lots of thought into the page and heeded the warnings of the 44 other reviews before his!

5)Usability : 4.999999999 - Not only do you have an NCO and an Officer, but you also have PIAT's, 2 inch mortars, and most importantly a Bren gunner standing UP and laying down. Giving you the option of setting them prone in game! Only one downside the format for these on the page is top down fold without a line. Make sure lines are added because if they are then it makes it easier to score the figures.

Total : 4.999999 out of 5 Stars - Maybe 5 minutes of work and this set will be ready for quick implementation into your game systems!

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