Thursday, December 18, 2008

WWII German Army Western Front France

Finding a world war two set is akin to finding a fish in water. They are in common supply between here and tomorrow. With Micheal Smiths new set a new piece of the puzzle is added and integrated--better than most.

1)Accuracy : 5 - The units have the correct weapons and are wearing uniforms that would make hitler himself proud. Is this good? Kind of because they are not dirty: it looks like day one of D-Day.

2)Design : 5 - The set is very well designed and you can tell each piece of it was well thought out. one of the great items in the set is the inclusion of a complete new figure which is very useful.

3)Standard : 5 - Usally I would say that sets like this would *not* fit into the curve. But it does... in fact it is extremely high to fit in to old and new sets.

4)Uniqueness : 4 - The only downside is that everything looks a little the same and there could be a little more variety between the pieces.

5)Usability : 5 - Print and Play.

Total : 4.8 out of 5 Stars - Great set