Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Micro Scale Leopards

Micro armor has been a present force in the archives of juniorgeneral. The armor lurks behind a forest of thousands of their bigger cousins and recently has come out of the shadows with the creation of its own form. Maple Leaf Warrior has designed a wonderful set of commonly exported leopards.

1)Accuracy : 5 - Based on drawings and pictures of the leopards I have to say these are very accurate given the small size. MLW has been able to maintain a good amount of detail while giving a lot of nice camo. color.

2)Design : 3 - My biggest qualm with this set is the use of the dark tan on the leopard 2A6M which may be accurate but the design is not very unifying. Because of this the design aspect gets a little knock off. The rest of the figures are very well designed in purpose and color

3)Standard : 4 - These figures fit the standard of other micro armor on the site. The only thing that they lack is the problem that all micro armor lacks-a unifying scale. These may or may not fit with other figures on the site.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - We can safely assume that these are the only micro scale leopards on th site right now.

5)Usability : 5 - This set is ready to be printed. Click the button and you could have a page of them right away.

Total : 4.4 out of 5 Stars - A great set that lacks a little polish but overall is very well done.