Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canadian Airborne Regiment

I have always wanted a set that I could use to reenact all the famous Canadian battles of the 80's : from the famous defense of the northern tundra, to the murdering of eskimos. It is about time someone made a detailed and well put together set of figures.

1)Accuracy : 5 - Very accurate with a ton of items that almost end up cluttering the figure but work in harmony to give a great amount of detail.

2)Design : 5 - A level of detail that is unprecidented in other sets makes up this set.

3)Standard : 5 - Fits well with other figures of its type.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - Highly unique as mentioned above.

5)Usability : 5 - Highly usable. Very easy to tell the differences between each figure.

Total : 5 out of 5 Stars - With all joking aside this set is a really good standard for future sets. It feels like a bunch of army men you could buy at a store and use it.