Friday, September 19, 2008

MI-24 Hind D

A good helicopter is extremely useful to a modern gamer. The Hind is one of those historical helicopters that everyone knows about, and we all need sooner or later.

1)Accuracy : 5 - Great accuracy has been taken in this item. All the divits are here, the panels, and the details. Going further we also have the colors which are extremely amazing and actually work better then i've seen before.

2)Design : 5 - Sometimes we see a limit on the number of details that are with in a vehicle. This is something that is both good and bad. The truth is that in this case its a good thing. The size of the helicopter after printing needs, nay requires this kind of detail.

3)Standard : 5 - While it has more detail I find that this item sets the standard. It stands out because of how nice it is and the fact that we usally do not focus very much on detail or size in helicopters.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - As there are a number of hinds on the site you could say that this helicopter is actually not very unique. However I find that the size and detail on this one will make it stand out vs the other ones on the website.

5)Usability : 5 - Print, Play, And Go! Not much is needed in this item; except a lot of glue!

Total : 5 out of 5 Stars - A wonderful figure that will become the standard for Hinds in the future.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

French VAB in Bosnia

Picking the right color to make your figures and vechicles is a difficult decision. When someone finds that perfect great looking color though, maybe then its time to start hitting the eye dropper!

1)Accuracy : 4 - Listen I love the VAB as much as any vehicle lover can. And I think i've pointed this out before. When you flip something you are also flipping extra details! There are 2 shovels per vehicle and I am not sure if thats how it is in real life.

2)Design : 4 - See flipped shovels. On the upside this thing has amazing technical skill in it. Look at the flag or even that infamous shovel! Its got small detail that makes it really fun to look at; not to mention print.

3)Standard : 5 - I could see this with other IFOR troops in the database no problem at all. There are some extra details but it is for smaller things.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - Vehicles are getting more and more common but they're still very specfic to the individual. As is the unique factor in this comes from the time spent in detailing the sides.

5)Usability : 5 - This is ready to print. Click print and go ahead and start cutting.

Total : 4.6 out of 5 Stars - Some minor technical problems but overall a very nice vehicle with a great choice of colors.

Canadian Infantry 1943-1945

When a set reminds you of picking up a brand new box of plastic miniatures; then that set is equidistantly ideal.

1)Accuracy : 5 - As usual Maple-Leaf-Warrior has drawn another set of Canadians. Its great to see them getting more accurate and detailed in the process. I do not doubt any accuracy on these figures so we can move on.

2)Design : 5 - As a set it is superb in its design. There is variance, Mud, bases, and grit. It seems to understand that modern warfare isn't a bunch of guys lined up with spit shined boots! These soldiers look like they've been slogging their way through Italy. There are also backsides on this set which gives them even extra added detail.

3)Standard : 5 - While there is more detail to these it will easily fit into other sets with in the WW2 section.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - While nothing spec2tacular and new the set is unique in its design. It is clear that the designer has put lots of thought into the page and heeded the warnings of the 44 other reviews before his!

5)Usability : 4.999999999 - Not only do you have an NCO and an Officer, but you also have PIAT's, 2 inch mortars, and most importantly a Bren gunner standing UP and laying down. Giving you the option of setting them prone in game! Only one downside the format for these on the page is top down fold without a line. Make sure lines are added because if they are then it makes it easier to score the figures.

Total : 4.999999 out of 5 Stars - Maybe 5 minutes of work and this set will be ready for quick implementation into your game systems!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Clive Fights Ungern

Clive Vs Ungern

So here we have two amazing sets. Further today we set our first Compare and Contrast article. What is it? Well one side is fighting the other of course! In a way. We are looking at the core functions. What is good about both? Bad about one? And in the end which one is the best between the two?

Yet first let me give you the scores... Most likely a 5 stars for both of them. They are horribly functional. So much so that you'd have so many combination that it would be absolutely ridiculous! While the WW1 infantry could use more action poses it makes up in pure functionality. While Clives set has 25 figures. I assume that if you are going to base a German field gun you are going to put at least 3 figures on the base. Whats this mean? 15,625 combination's for action poses on a base!! This is both insane and amazing and should be applauided.

So what can Clive learn from Ungern?
-Organization of your sheet. The sheet that Clive puts forth has a little bit of a cluttered effect to it. We do not know who is doing what on the gun and thus we may pick two commanders or two loaders. Having some knowledge of rank would help. Clive started this but did not finish it on the whole set.

What can Ungern learn from Clive?
-War is not ideal. This is a major problem for designers. We look at an item as what they would of looked like if they just stepped out of the quartermasters tent. Yet this just isn't true. If we look at any situation when we leave there are things forgotten; adopted; and changed. Clives set is amazing in this because it shows soldiers in all forms of dress. With uniforms that range all over the place.

What can they both learn?
-They know what they're doing. Honestly both sides know what they are doing, and in this case I do not know if there is much more beyond what I already mentioned.

The Run Down
takes Function - because of its ability to be used 15,000 times.
Tie on Accuracy - Both of these sets have so many little details that you have to really look at them closely.
Clive takes Uniqness - This set is going to be the basis for most artillery in the future. Its to varied and large.
Ungern takes Neatness - His figures are nice and ordered and rather pristine. It is a set I consider the, 'basis' for future work. Its something that anyone can quickly refer to if they want to advance another set of figures in the future. Clives set is a little messy in that respect but I think that a 'basis' for these have been made.

Overall : Clive wins this fight.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Polish Soldiers In SPACE!

" dowódca , my dostać grad! " Powiedział rezygnować pewien duży nudny Rosjanin ton. " to jest polski marynarka wojenna! " Ten Rosjanin spojrzał w wyzwanie , " co Polska? " Ten miał był powtórzony wszędzie po ten przestrzeń flota równie ten Pierwszy polski prom kosmiczny poszedł w przestrzeń ; NOSZENIE WZBUDZAJĄCY GROZĘ SUMA OD POLSKI ŻOŁNIERZE KTÓRY PUSZKA METALOWA NIGDY BYĆ Zabity!

1Accuracy) : 5 Oh ustalony ów tu są tylko 4 polski żołnierze w przestrzeń ów oznacza tam puszka metalowa tylko być 4 polski żołnierz papier miniatury! Równie ten powiedziany , tych cztery odważny mężczyźni jesteście wyzywająco ukształtowany poprawnie.

2Design) : 4 Oni są bardzo standarized. Nie dużo wyszczególniać zewnątrz ten Medyczny. Ten PRZY wygląda jak an RÓWNIE który wygląda jak an TL. Trzeba liczniejszy rozmaitość w ten mianować.

3Standard) : 5 Ono ataki rezygnować wszystko inaczej który jest dlaczego ono przynosi w tył taki stosunki równie 'Dont zapominać Polska! ' I piekło żaden zrobił pod kątem przestrzeń praca.

4Uniqueness) : 3 Równie pewien submittable pozycja jego w porządku , równie pewien hazard pozycja jego w porządku. Ten rzadkość jest twardy wobec judge ponieważ jego just wykonane w górze. Gdyby nie ten najliczniejszy obowiązek tu są dwa figury w przeważającej części przez i raz jeszcze rezygnować różnić się bronie. Tu jest a skąd wobec naskarżyć na ten pole bitwy co jest co. Potrzeby liczniejszy pozuje!

5Usability) : 3 Absoultly a skąd ów ktoś puszka metalowa recongize ten różnić się figury od tabliczka. Ono byłby być polepszyć jeśli ten PRZY kanonier był w pewien różnić się pozować. Inaczej ich czysty pod kątem co oni są! Całkowity :

3.9 z 5 Gwiazdy Oprócz on klepki na beczkę jego binokle od ten zmęczenie od przestrzeń. I na ten wbity młotkiem razem Apollo wyrzucony był ten kontroler logo od ten Polacy. Na Boga oni dostał wobec przestrzeń , na Boga my nigdy zapominał Polska.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hong Kong Government Puma L2

Hong Kong seems to be getting a little more attention as of late. Micheal Smith has made a lovely set, and this set simply adds on to the Hong Kong action.

1)Accuracy : 5 - Actually the detail on this may be better then what i've seen in pictures while writing this article. There is just a whole lot of little details that add up to a Puma with an attitude!

2)Design : 5 - Everything is here, from the Chinese characters to the sillouttes of the people in the windows! Everything is well planned out and the detail is simply amazing.

3)Standard : 5 - Hong Kong based products; not being many; are at this moment a highly accurate and detailed set of figures. Hopefully this continues to build one of the highest standard set on the site.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - No one has tackled this subject before and the truth is this is a great first attempt at something like this.

5)Usability : 5 - Once again with other helicopters i've had a problem with the usability aspect of them. At this moment there is no good way to figure out how to show these flying therefore it is highly usable!

Total : 5 out of 5 Stars - The hours of work and detail on this paid off. It is an amazing set!

Operation Jedburgh Teams, SOE and OSS

Clive has always made really interesting sets displaying many of the lesser known and lesser thought about aspects of ww2 British. I was surprised when I saw that he made a set of actual soldiers, for fighting! ooh wow (not sarcastic)

Accuracy : 5

If Clive did a something on a figure and a photo said otherwise, Id trust Clive, not the photo. Clive takes great pride in his research and they look right.

Design : 3.8

This set, is actually not that amazing from a design aspect (except for the radio men, Those are awesome) Frankly, I expected more from Clive in this area because he is so good at making poses of "ppl in action" and all these guys are doing is standings around

Standard : 4.5

This Set would fit nicely with alot of things in the ww2 section.

Uniqueness : 4

The radio set makes this unique and so does the large history blurb, but besides that its not Super out there.

Usability : 4

This set is actually quite useful for wargaming and such, even the radio set could be used some how, Its Not bad.

Total : 4.2 out of 5 stars

A decent set, nice radio guys but I expected more from Clive in the normal infantry.

Thunderbolt Air Raid/Disaster Siren

Few can strike fear like an air raid siren. Looking up for Bears, and around for Tornados. The cold war fear machine is recreated in all its glory in this figure.

1)Accuracy :5 - I can only assume it is accurate because I had no idea that these had designations. Some of the colors seem off from sirens i've seen but because of my general lack of knowledge I can not degrade this pieces score.

2)Design : 3 - As a whole the design is ok. When we look at the details though the set kind of declines. There could be a lot of tweaks to make this look better. A darker outline color and possibly some shading for an item this large.

3)Standard : 3 - This will not conform with other sets in the same era. For the most part the lack of an outline makes it look a little awkward against something that has a black outline for example.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - As a whole this is very unique! How can't it be, it is not like we have a section on Post-War sirens!

5)Usability : 4 - There could be some trouble cutting this out. The main reason we have outlines is so that errors in cutting can be hidden. In this case it will look like the pole is a little odd. Also anything this large needs a little work not to become a wind sail!

Total : 4 out of 5 Stars - With a little more outlining and shading this would be a perfected piece. As is it has some design flaws that hinder its construction.

Iranian J10

J10s are an amazing aircraft that are being in some of the, 'enemies,' of the world today. Alexz is the first designer to really tackle all the unique designs.

1)Accuracy : 5 - Looks drawn from a blueprint which in this case is a good idea. Due to the need to be accurate in aircraft design.

2)Design : 2 - I do not really like the design of this camoflauge. It is too pixelated for a modern aircraft. Somehow it needs to blend in a little bit better. Plus with the detail on the tail and nose it feels incomplete and somehow out of place.

3)Standard : 5 - Would fit in on a table even with the design differences above.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - We can easily say that no one has ever made an Iranian J-10 on the site before :). And its great to see someone actually taking the time to go ahead and do some kind of work like this!

5)Usability : 5 - Follows the basic formula for aircraft on the site. Print; fold; and play. Therefore it is extremely easy to use!

Total : 4.2 out of 5 Stars - A good figure that may need some work in an advanced photo studio such as GIMP or photoshop to really get the true essense of the actual aircraft.

101st Airborne Jeeps

A warzone is a warzone because it isn't easy to make everything look all pretty. Nothing is ever ideal and that is why this set is one of the coolest ones in theory on the site.

1)Accuracy : 5 - A high mark for accuracy because of the theory. For the most part given the situation around the battle of the Bulge they would not of had the time to clean and ready the tanks. This set shows this by having soldiers just sticking out of the sides and ready for combat in any way they can.

2)Design : 4 - With the above said there are things in here that need to be fixed. There are no backsides; reducing the detail; and there seems to be an unlimited amount of shovels for the 101st! There are 2 shovels per vehicle. I'd assume in the situation they wouldn't have that kind of access. I would recommend following the Canadian soldiers in the UN method. Have other pieces of equipment hanging off the side!

3)Standard : 5 - Would fit in in the situation. They are built for a very specific section in time and ergo ready for that time period.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - Overall this set has an amazing look and feel which gives it something unique to the site.

5)Usability : 5 - Click print and you are ready! All you have to do is fold them up and you are ready, and there are enough extra pieces that there is an ability to have lots of unique configurations.

Total : 4.8 out of 5 Stars - A great set that with a little more attention to detail would be absolutely perfect.

Romanian WWI set

Its fun to see all these individual sets for even the more minor nations of the major conflicts. This is an interesting joint venture from Night Wolf and Mike.

1)Accuracy : 5 - A very interesting design with good attention to detail. There isn't anything that really screams inaccurate in this set with the realistic weapons, helmets, and gear.

2)Design : 3 - This is wonderful designed from top to... not bottom. The only downside is the bases! Oh god the bases. They need one unifying idea. One color; or one color and one idea (for example extra grass.) Otherwise soldiers have different poses facial hair, hair colors, and detail! Also backsides would of been a big plus!

3)Standard : 5 - Will fit in with most of the stuff in the WW1 section. Because of the Zulu modification poses the dynamic idea is alive and well; in ww1!

4)Uniqueness : 5 - Has a unique feel to it. A different nation using differnt weapons equipment etc etc. The soldiers feel unique upon themselves. There are enopugh pieces to make everything unique and interesting.

5)Usability : 5 - Officers and individual items give this set a very functional use. If you print out the current page you have enough figures to be ready to play a good sized game.

Total : 4.6 out of 5 Stars - With some minor tweaks this would be an ideal set. As is its just slightly sloppy. Give it 30-40 minutes and it'll be perfect and ideal.

French Gendarmerie VBRG

Details can do wonders to sets. If you take a gander at this goose you'll see some amazing eye catching details which give it a feel of, 'French Superiority,' on the table :).

1)Accuracy : 5 - Scaled correctly, colored correctly, and overall detailed correctly. Its like a pixel version of the real thing!

2)Design : 5 - Simply put there is a ton of awesome detail that I love in this vehicle. The red and white detail at the bottom, the sharpness of the words on the vehicle, and of course the windows. If you look at the windows there are a lot of very nice details that enhance the set.

3)Standard : 5 - Would fit right in next to the other French Gendarmerie stuff we have on the site.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - No one really is making anything like this, therefore for the most part its pretty unique. Other then that some of the nicely done detail on the windows and the vehicle itself makes it highly unique also.

5)Usability : 5 - Print and play! This is ready to control riots in the bad streets of Parie! The base is asphalt which makes it even more useful.

Total : 5 out of 5 Stars - A grand set with great colors and great detail.

3D Tiger

Some things should be 3D, and somethings shouldn't be 3D. Fourtantly the Tiger in all its bulky glory should.

1)Accuracy : 4 - A nicely designed and accurate piece. The hindrance is that this may not be 100% accurate in its dimensions.

2)Design : 5 - Nicely designed with an attention to where pieces go and how to put it together. The items are marked and thus it makes it nice and simple when assembling. Though could still use some instructions.

3)Standard : 3 - Does not really fit in with the other vehicles on the site. It would be the only thing in 3D on your table if you used only JG figures.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - Without mentioning standard this actually is highly unique. Having 3D vehicles for the big stuff is useful. For example the Gustav gun would of been ideal for 3D, and this being 3D makes it very unique.

5)Usability : 5 - Even though it takes longer to construct I could see this being a central focus in a squad based game. Therefore the score for usability is extremely high.

Total : 4.4 out of 5 Stars - A great piece that could change the way we make the, 'big stuff,' on juniorgeneral!

3D Kubelwagen Automobile

3D vehicles are something we do not have a lot of on the site. Teodor introduces some of his own with his 3D Kubelwagen.

1)Accuracy : 5 - A very accuate vechicle. Based on established designs already on the site. The only questionable variable is the added berth factor.

2)Design : 5 - Very well designed, although for the most part it is a redesign of someone else's vehicle. This makes for an interesting option in the future. If people can go back and take what we already have on the site and rearrange them into 3D vehicles it leaves open a huge option for future items.

3)Standard : 2 - On a downside this doesn't really work well with anything else we have on the site. Out of 1100 pieces of equipment, soldiers, or other things there are something like 5-10 actual 3D pieces of work. This would look great as a stand alone piece but if you needed a Kubelwagen for JG figures it would look awkward.

4)Uniqueness : 5 - As mentioned above, hardly any 3D vehicles so when we see one its unique!

5)Usability : 4 - Not as easy as simply printing and putting on a base. This said it is built to not be as such and also give you some better looks! The actual construction of this 3D wise is nice and simple and in the end a great job.

Total : 4.2 out of 5 Stars - A nicely designed 3D piece that falters because nothing else really matches it.